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Split Workout

Doing splits are easy now with this app!

Practicing splits is good for flexibility and balance. Stretching is extremely important for your overall health. Stretching exercises improve flexibility. Getting your muscles flexible; increases your range of motion, improve your daily performance and prevent injuries. 

This splits training app has the most efficient stretching exercises for your hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps and for your back! Take your time everyday with easy and effective splits workout routine and stretch your thighs, open your hip flexors, get more flexible to do splits  just in 30 days! 

WHY Nexoft Mobile's "Split Workout-Split in 30 Days" App?

  • Daily full body stretching exercises, flexibility exercises, stretching exercises for hamstringsquadriceps and hip flexors

  • Split workout suitable for everyone, like beginners and advanced 

  • 30 day split routine 

  • Personal trainer coaching you through video instructions 

  • No equipment needed, exercises only with bodyweight

  • Calorie tracker and daily reminder to keep you motivated

  • %100 FREE

  • Customize your own workout routine

You don't need to go to gym. No equipment needed. You can do these stretching exercises for splits at home! Take a 10 minutes everyday to stretch your legs and body. Do these free, easy and efficient flexibility exercises step by step. Even if you are just a beginner and don't know how to do splits, you will be able to spread your legs so easily at the end of this 30 day split routine.

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