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Dumbbell Workouts

Build muscles and get a better shape of yourself with this app!

We provide you 30 day dumbbell workouts program with this best exercise app. All muscle building workouts are designed specially by a professional trainer. This bodybuilding workout app has different full body exercises and each exercise focuses on different muscle groups. You can find back exercises, tricep workouts, bicep workouts, chest workout and different exercises for arm, shoulder and leg muscles.


You can gain muscle without going to the gym. You can do these upper body dumbbell workouts at home, at work, anywhere you want! All you need is a couple of adjustable dumbbells. Get your dumbbells and try these easy and effective exercises. 

WHY Nexoft Mobile's "Dumbbell Home Workouts" app?

  • Easy, effective and short muscle building workouts

  • Specially designed 3 levels exercises for everyone, men, women, young and old

  • Dumbbell exercises, dumbbell arm workout, dumbbell back exercises, dumbbell chest workout, dumbbell shoulder exercises, tricep workouts, bicep workouts

  • %100 FREE

  • Bodyweight workouts, upper body dumbbell workouts

  • Bodybuilding dumbbell workouts for beginner, dumbbell workouts for pros

  • Calorie tracker, daily reminder to keep you motivated

  • Stretching exercises before workouts

  • Professional trainer to guide you with video instructions

  • Customize your own workout routine

  • 30 Day Muscle Build Challenge

With this 30 day muscle build workout challenge, you can lose weight while gaining muscles. Burn fat and calories with dumbbell exercises and track your burned calories. Calorie tracker and daily workout reminder will keep you motivated to exercise everyday.


It's no longer hard to get a fit and healthy body. You don't need to go to the gym. Take a few minutes a day, get a pair of dumbbells and exercise at home with a trainer guiding you through video instructions. Get strong arms and legs, wider shoulders, six packs and a nice looking body just in 30 days!

Try these best full body dumbbell workouts for FREE. Download NOW Nexoft Mobile's
'Dumbbell Home Workouts ' bodybuilding strength training app to get the best results!

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