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Stretching Exercises

Get more flexible with this app!

Stretching is extremely important for your overall health. Stretching exercises improve flexibility. Better flexibility improve your performance in physical activities, decrease your risk of injuries,  enable your muscles to work most efficiently.

Regularly performing stretching exercise can help to reduce blood pressure, heart rate which helps stress and muscular tension decreased. It also helps blood flow to your muscles and reduce muscles soreness. Tight muscles can cause back pain, stretching will help strenghten your back muscles and prevent back pain.

Nexoft Mobile's "Stretching Exercises-Flexibility Training" app provides;

  • Daily stretch routines, morning streches, before bed streches for you

  • Easy and efficient stretching exercises are suitable for everyone, men, women, young and old

  • Full body stretching exercises, flexibility exercises, dynamic stretching for all the body muscles

  • Trainer coaching you through video instructions

  • No equipment needed, bodyweight exercises

  • Calorie tracker and daily reminder to keep you motivated

  • %100 FREE

  • Back stretches, shoulder stretches, hamstring stretch, hip flexor stretch, stretches for lower back, upper back stretches, calf stretches, glute stretches, quad stretches, leg stretches, neck stretches

Stretching before workout will prepare your muscles for any exercise.  Dynamic stretches help increase body temperature which helps the warm-up before working out. Getting your muscles flexible and warmed up; increases your range of motion, improve your daily performance and prevent injuries. 

Stretch your full body muscles. Stretch your upper back, lower back, shoulders, legs, glutes, your chest, neck, stretch your hamstring and calf muscles. Have a better posture and flexibility!

Stretch before every workout to improve your body movement, prevent any risk of injuries, to get more flexible and healthy. Create your own stretch routine. Stretch in the morning or before bed time. Anywhere and anytime. No equipment needed, with a trainer in your pocket. 

Now download "Stretching Exercises-Fexibility Training" app

by Nexoft Mobile for free stretching exercises!

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