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Workout Nutrition-Meal Planner

Exercise nutrition offers you healthy diet and meal planner to lose weight.

If you have realized that unique bodies need unique Personal Nutrition Plans, Healthy Diet and Regular Exercises, download Exercise Nutrition and join us without wasting your time. The recommended dietary allowance you're looking for is here!


Exercise Nutrition is your online nutrition coach and teaches you how to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life and offers you a healthy lifestyle.


• Personalized meal plans based on unique eating preferences and needs;

• Registered dietitian support that will provide you with answers to all your questions about workout nutrition;

• Healthy food,healthy snacks and diet recipes to make grocery shopping enjoyable;

• Reminders and notification system to create new healthy habits;

• You have everything you need to stay healthy for the rest of your life with a database that deepens your weight loss knowledge and many more features to create a healthy lifestyle!


So let's start!



The application offers 2 different nutrition plans. The first plan tracks all meals, while the second plan offers a flexible plan that includes pre-exercise and post-exercise nutrition only. At the beginning, you can choose the plan with your personal information such as age, height, weight and create your personal nutrition program.



In Exercise Nutrition

Normal Nutrition

Vegan Nutrition

Vegetarian Nutrition

Lactose Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet

Asian Type Nutrition

There are diet lists and nutrition lists suitable for 6 different types of nutrition in our app.



If all the recipes you know are unhealthy, and it is very difficult for you to plan your pre-exercise and post-exercise nutrition, Exercise Nutrition does not leave you alone here either. Unlike other healthy diet applications you are used to, it saves you from constantly eating the same things with a different diet menu every day. The most practical way to create healthy meal plans according to the type of nutrition you choose and your goal in your diet!


With the Calorie Calculator, you can find out your daily calorie and macro (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) needs according to the type of training you do and your weight. Exercise Nutrition will make this process easier for you with a menu suitable for your level of need.



You can set a target weight for yourself, follow the weight change on your personal graph and stay motivated while reaching your target weight. In addition, Exercise Nutrition also monitors your health according to the values ​​in the chart and warns you when the values ​​go out of the health limits. It is the best weight loss tracker.


Exercise Nutrition not only plans your diet but also monitors your water needs. It helps you get the amount of water you need daily by reminding you to drink water, and it also guides you to control dehydration from the color of your urine.


This step you take to a balanced diet with Exercise Nutrition makes your life easier on sports diet, post-sport nutrition program, sports nutrition program.

Balanced nutrition with Exercise Nutrition will make you aware of many nutrients such as snack suggestions, diet smoothie recipes, diet salad recipes, diet soup recipes, vegan breakfast recipes, healthy snacks, low-calorie foods, high-fiber foods.


In addition, while following the recipes and nutritional recommendations in the application, you will follow a diet that also meets your body's need for vitamin a, vitamin b and vitamin c.


Now is the time to be healthy! Download the Workout Nutrition app for free

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