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Workouts for Men

Lose weight with no equipment needed with this app! 

This free workout app for men helps you lose weight and build muscle at home with no equipment needed. Take a few minutes a day with this best gain muscle at home workout plan, exercise with your bodyweight.

No equipment exercises at home has full body muscle building workouts.  Chest workouts, leg workouts, arm workouts and ab workouts for men are all designed by a fitness coach. Having a personal trainer in your pocket, you can build muscles so easily and effectively.

WHY 'No Equipment Home Workout - Workouts for Men' App by Nexoft Mobile?

  • Daily full body workouts for men

  • Lose weight at home 

  • No equipment needed, bodyweight workouts

  • Personal trainer coaching you through video instructions

  • Different workouts suitable for every level, both beginners and pros

  • Daily exercise reminder so you never forget to exercise 

  • Stretching exercises before workouts

  • Free full body workouts, abs workouts, arm workouts, leg workouts, chest workouts

  • Customize your own workouts


Bodybuilding app for men provides full body workouts. Tricep workouts, bicep workouts, leg muscle building workouts, core workouts, abs and muscles workout for men. All different and all very efficient. Using your bodyweight lose weight and get abs within a few weeks!

HIIT(high-intensity interval training) workouts for men specially crafted by a professional trainer will maximize your fat loss. These fat burning workouts are suitable for everyone, both beginner and pro. You will find the best exercises for your level. 

Try this best free and effective daily workouts for men. Download NOW Nexoft Mobile's
'No Equipment Home Workout - Workouts for Men' bodybuilding strength training app to get the best results!

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