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Warm Up Exercises

Warm up those muscles for better flexibility with this app!

Warm up is really important for a healthy body. Warming up your muscles before every exercise will improve your workout.

Warming up increases body temperature and reduces the risk of injuries. Warming up is a way of preparing your body for exercise. Warm up and stretching exercises help muscles to work efficiently.

Warm up also prepares you mentally for exercise by clearing the mind, increasing focus and your body and mind will be ready to success. 


This warm up app provides free, easy and effective warm-up and morning exercises to start a good day. Different exercises for warm up before workout and running, also warm up in the morning and evening.

Warm up at home with no equipment needed. This warm up app has warm up exercises designed by a professional trainer. %100 FREE exercises are suitable for everyone, women, men, young and old.

Daily warm-up improves flexibility. More flexibility helps you move easier when you workout, prevent injuries, reduce muscle tension and improve your performance in daily life.

Try Nexoft Mobile's home warm up app "Warm Up Exercises-Morning Exercises" for free!

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