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Weight Tracker-BMI Calculator

Our app can be used as a weight tracker and BMI calculator at the same time.

Do you want to have the body type that you dream of by weight tracking?

The best way to lose weight or gain weight is to workout and stick to your diet. It can be difficult sometimes to see the contribution of the diet and sports like fitness or pilates you do to reach your goal. However, you can control this progress by tracking your weight! Meet our application specially prepared for tracking weight and body mass index! You can use our app either weight gain or weight loss tracker. Enter your daily weight info and manage your process more effectively with the graphics specially prepared for you. In this way, you can eventually have the body of your dreams faster and healthier!


Monitor your weight and body measurements!

If you think that you have tried every way to reach your ideal weight, our application will surprise you! Because we promise you an application that you can use as a weight and BMI tracker at the same time. We know how important weight tracking is in reaching the ideal weight and we have developed our application accordingly. We help you to reach your target weight by calculating your BMI! Thanks to the BMI calculator, you can easily do your weight management.


You are able to view your progress visually as well. You can upload your photo daily and follow your progress thanks to our weight tracker app! If you want, you can make comparisons between before and after photos and increase your motivation.


Can weight tracking become fun? Our answer is yes!

By creating groups, you can motivate each other with your friends and continue this process with fun. Remember, motivation always affects you positively!


Examine your body measurements in detail on the statistics page!

Sometimes we may not see physical changes during weight gain or weight loss periods. Taking body measurements is therefore very important. You can enter your waist measurement and hips size on a daily basis in the measurement tracker. With the graphics specially prepared for you, you can see your progress and realize the changes in your body.


The benefits of tracking water consumption to our body are countless!

It is very important to control your water consumption in the process of reaching your ideal weight. That's why we added a water tracker to our application. You can also track your water consumption by setting a daily goal of how much water you are going to drink.

  • Why is weight tracking important?

  • -Weight tracking is very important to be able to stay in shape.

  • -It allows you to take control of your process.

  • -It gives you motivation to keep going.

  • -It is the most important factor in reaching your healthy and ideal weight.

  • -You can check the time that it takes to reach your goal weight.

  • -You can easily understand what is good for you in your weight gain or weight loss process.

  • -You can observe the contribution of the sports you do.

  • -It allows you to see the effects of the diet you apply.

  • -It helps you to take care of your nutrition.

  • -It allows you to check the height-weight index.

Now is the time to be healthy! Download the weight tracker app for free and see your weight change

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