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7 Minute Workout

Take a few minutes a day to burn calories, lose weight and get six packs!

If you want to lose weight and don't have time to exercise this 7 minute training app is the best for you. Fat burning exercises designed by a professional trainer helps you get fit in such a short time.

7 minute full body workout app provides abs exercises, arm exercises, buttocks exercises, leg exercises. Strengthen core, get abs, round butt, tone arms and legs. 7 minutes everyday to get in shape.

WHY Nexoft Mobile's "7 Minute Workout at Home" app?

  • Designed by a professional trainer

  • 7 minute fat burning workouts for abs, lose leg fat, lose arm fat, lose buttocks fat and thigh fat

  • Daily reminder to keep you motivated

  • Workout daily hiit for weight loss

  • No equipment needed, bodyweight exercises

  • Free, easy and efficent workout program for everyone

  • All exercises are suitable for both beginner and pro

  • Trainer guiding you with video instructions

  • %100 FREE

  • 7 minute exercise app has abs exercises, leg exercises, arm exercises, butt exercises, core exercises

  • Customize your own workout routine

Weight loss is no longer difficult. This free 7 minute workout to lose belly fat app helps you stay fit at home. These HIIT(high-intensity interval training) workouts specially crafted by a professional trainer will maximize your fat loss.

Burn fat and calories. Track burned calories. Exercise daily for seven minutes. A professional fitness coach will guide you through workouts. 

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